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If you have been accused of a criminal offense, you need legal representation fast. TSP Law is ready 24/7 to handle your case. Whether you’re facing a misdemeanor DUI or accused of felony murder, TSP Law’s principal attorney, Trevor S. Potts, is here to defend your rights aggressively. Although criminal cases vary in both intensity and level of seriousness, TSP Law always provides top-notch criminal defense.

TSP Law is available 24/7 to address your particular legal needs. Attorney Potts will fight hard to advocate for your rights and obtain the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

Finding the right attorney to address your legal issue in the San Diego area isn’t always easy. TSP Law is available around the clock to sit down with you and discuss your legal matter in an initial free consultation. Together, we will determine if legal representation is right for you.




Able to do what others couldn’t

I had a 2nd DUI in California a few years ago and had been living abroad. I had a warrant issued for failure to appear in court after my extension to complete the multiple conviction had expired. Trevor Potts had the warrant successfully recalled before I returned to the USA. I then moved to New York and wanted to complete an out of state program to satisfy my probation. I spoke to multiple lawyers who all said that I would need to physically return to California, schedule a meeting with interstate compact, then return to California again for the meeting. This would be two cross country flights and the process would likely take over a month. Trevor Potts was able to successfully get my out of state program approved without my returning to San Diego, saving me hundreds of dollars in flights as well as tons of my time. No other lawyer in California has ever been able to get their client into an out of state DUI program without going through interstate compact—which you have to physically be present for. I cannot say how happy I was with the result and how grateful I was of Mr. Potts determination. He was able to accomplish what all other lawyers said was not possible in my case.

– John

Earlier this year (Spring 2016) I had found myself in a legal situation charged with several criminal offenses. As soon as we got a hold of Trevor he gave my family and I some peace of mind. He is incredibly knowledgeable, and good at what he does. He vigorously fought for me in my case until the very end, getting me the most desirable out come out of my situation, and I could not be any happier. He is very honest, hard working, and truly cared about me and getting the best outcome for my case. He guided me through the whole process, and answered any and every single question that I had. This was truly a learning experience and having gone through it I recommend Trevor Potts to anyone that is facing any kind of criminal charges.

Trust Worthy, dedicated no nonsense get it done!

Trust worthy, dedicated no nonsense get it done that’s Trevor Potts.
He has been very patient with me and my lack of knowledge of the legal field and has taken the time to explain my situation and make sure that I understand everything that is going on with my case.
On top of that he made things happen in my favor and was able to resolve the case in a timely manner. I can’t recommend him enough!

– Client

Honest, Aggressive and truly Cares!

These days finding those three words when picking a lawyer is like hoping to win the lottery, chances are slim to none. However, with Trevor we got those three words and more. Trevor has gone completely above and beyond to make sure we felt at ease with our situation, and he will fight continuously for you to get the best possible outcome. Trevor treats his clients with complete respect; he listens and provides the best possible feedback without sugar coating anything. He is definitely a great lawyer and worth having on your side!

– Client

Knowledgeable and accommodating!

“Awesome attorney. Mr. Potts is incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating! He was very prompt in all correspondence and kept me informed every step of the way. He made me feel very valued, respected and represented at his fullest capability!”

– Beckie S.

He saved us thousands of dollars!

“If you are starting this new year with a situation that needs the attention of a good lawyer…….Trevor Potts is where you need to go……We had a problem last November where we needed help…….within a couple of hours after contacting Trevor Potts our problem was in the process of being solved….he saved us thousands of dollars!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

– Margie C.

Attorney Endorsements

Mr. Potts is a great attorney. I have seen how much he cares about his clients and how hard he works to achieve the best result in every case.

– Jay Temple, Fellow Lawyer in Community

I endorse this attorney for several reasons. As a counselor and legal practitioner, Mr. Potts is an extremely effective advocate. He has proven himself as a great attorney who employs his legal knowledge and defense skills to zealously defend his clients. You can expect the utmost treatment from Counselor Potts’ services. This attorney will resolve your case effectively and work diligently for the most positive outcome.

– John Stauffer, Mediation Attorney, Worked together on matter

Mr. Potts is a fantastic attorney who cares a great deal for his clients. I have trusted him with a number of cases and he has achieved tremendous results and feedback from my own clients. I wish him nothing but continued success in his career.

– Peter Blair, Criminal Defense Attorney, Fellow Lawyer in Community

I endorse this lawyer. Trevor has demonstrated a strong ability to use the logic and reasoning one would expect from an excellent lawyer. He has candor and courtesy about him that is refreshing, but will not allow opposing counsel to push him around. He puts his clients ahead of all else and really cares about making sure they understand the matter and are comfortable while he’s engaged. I’ve truly enjoyed the time spent working with Trevor and look forward to learning from him for years to come.

– David Ferri, Securities & Investment Fraud Attorney, Worked together on matter

I endorse Trevor. He is a brilliant litigator who is always poised, passionate, and persuasive in the courtroom. In short, he’s a fantastic attorney. But as good as he is as an attorney, he’s an even better person. He truly cares about the people he represents, and it shows in everything he does. It is because of this that Trevor is a highly regarded member of the local legal community. If you need a great attorney who will fight like no other to protect your interests, then look no further.

– Paul Hefley, Criminal Defense Attorney, Fellow Lawyer in Community

Mr. Potts provides his clients with zealous advocacy that is rarely matched by other attorneys in his community. He will fight for his clients rights and will not stop until justice is served. I highly recommend Mr. Potts to anyone looking for top notch criminal defense.

– Dennis Potts, Medical Malpractice Attorney, Fellow Lawyer in Community